When Red Kangaroos, Blue Koalas, Yellow Platypuses and Green Wombats get together

What happens when CIC’s Houses get together for an enjoyable fitness activity called Bike and Blend? – Heaps of fun, laughter and exercise!

The Houses – House of Kangaroo, House of Koala, House of Platypus and House of Wombat – are comprised of CIC students and staff who are assigned into four teams with their respective house colours at the beginning of each school term. These are the Red Kangaroos, Blue Koalas, Yellow Platypuses and Green Wombats.

Teams participate in a number of competitions which are a mix of academic and non-academic activities and challenges. Students will be awarded ‘virtual badges’ for their individual and team participation. The badges will be displayed on Moodle.

At the end of each term, these badges will be tallied up. The winning House will then be announced and given a corresponding prize. Winners can also add their badge to their LinkedIn profile as an indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest.

Why Bike & Blend?

The activity is CIC’s way of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, promoting friendly competition and instilling mateship within the four houses.

Bike & Blend is a competition among house teams on who could bike the fastest while blending the smoothest, creamiest smoothie within a given time frame.

“This is a fun way to get everyone together and achieve a goal as a team,” says Student Services and Welfare Manager Coby Liew, “and in the process increase cohesion and a sense of belonging.”

The committee plans to hold this event twice a year. It has also lined up several other activities such as table tennis and the Melbourne walk to promote exercise and a healthier lifestyle for the entire CIC community.