What it means to study in Australia for Albanian model Edris Ceka

Former Albanian model Edris Ceka’s student journey hasn’t always been a road paved with golden opportunities. Like most international students, she didn’t have it easy. When she decided to come to Australia two years ago, she didn’t know much about the country except for its friendly culture and the carefree attitude of its people. But she went anyway and enrolled in a Marketing degree program at CIC Higher Education.

“I decided on CIC because I thought that it could be easier for me to study in a college with international students,” clarifies Edris, when asked why she chose CIC Higher Education.

She is happy that she made this choice. Today, she’s pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and working part-time as a waitress to help pay for her living expenses. She found that studying at CIC is good value for money.  Aside from the affordable tuition fees, she enjoys the benefit of smaller class sizes compared with bigger universities in Melbourne. She gets the support that she needs from the campus staff and lecturers.

In addition, she’s made a lot of good friends. She’s happily involved in campus activities in between studying and working. She says that balancing her commitments is not easy but she’s determined to see through the difficulties.

Managing priorities

Considering that she juggles studying and working on most days, she still finds time to pursue her interests. She loves reading books about self-development, travelling and sightseeing as well as scuba diving in some of Australia’s iconic beaches.  The next item on her bucket list? “I am looking forward to experience sky diving,” she readily volunteers.

With her previous experience as a model, Edris hopes to get work in marketing and promotions in the same industry. At the moment, however, she is happy to work her way to building her credentials and gaining the local work experience that most employers are looking for.

Edris believes that her zest for life is her advantage. After finishing her bachelor degree, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in industrial engineering. She is prepared to make sacrifices to achieve this goal. And why not? She is young and driven to succeed.