The CIC House System: Promoting team spirit and mateship on campus

In 2018, CIC Higher Education formed a strategic planning group comprised of staff, lecturers, administrative support, admissions and recruitment staff to highlight the College’s competitive advantage. General  Manager Francesca Macpherson recalls, “At the strategic planning meetings, different ideas were developed with the aim of implementing new and exciting strategies to keep CIC ahead of the competition.” This is where a House System for CIC came to life.

The Houses, which will be formally launched on 25 March, are named after four of Australia’s iconic native animals: House Koala, House Kangaroo, House Platypus and House Wombat.

In launching this program, CIC hopes to accomplish high levels of engagement, create healthy competition, increase retention and cohesiveness in the peer group as well as improve communication channels across the entire College.

House Colours

Under the House System, new and continuing students will be assigned their respective houses and colours, namely Blue Koala, Red Kangaroo, Yellow Platypus and Green Wombat. The CIC staff will also be divided equally but randomly into each House.

The House System, in a nutshell, is really all about ushering in new mateship within the CIC academic community. At the core of this initiative is getting the entire student population to be connected and actively engaged in their studies as well as co-curricular activities on and off campus.

Prizes and reward system

There will be a mix of academic and non-academic activities and challenges, and students will be awarded ‘virtual badges’ for their individual and team participation in activities and challenges.

The virtual badges will be displayed on Moodle and students can also add them to their LinkedIn profile as a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest.

At the end of each term, these badges will be tallied up. The House winner will then be announced and given a corresponding prize.