Students’ guide to the State Library Victoria

CIC Higher Education students can take advantage of the facilities at the State Library Victoria, or simply the Victorian Library. Located on the corner of Russell and La Trobe streets, the Victorian Library is only a three-minute walk (about 850 metres) via La Trobe Street from the campus.

The State Library Victoria has over five million books, photos, artworks, documents, maps and manuscripts. Students can become a library member for free by signing up online or at a self-service port inside the library. Members have access to facilities, books and e-resources such as journals, magazines, ebooks and newspapers from around the world. It takes up a full city block, with numerous galleries, reading rooms and display spaces located across a number of buildings.

Students can use or print out this library map to maximise their visit to the Victorian Library. They can also organise to join the Library’s two-hour workshop to help them transition into their Australian campuses and learn how to research at the Library. As library members, they also have access to the Victorian Library’s events, exhibitions, tours, talks and lectures.

Library hours

Library opening hours at the main public areas are as follows:

Monday to Thursday 10am – 9pm

Friday to Sunday 10am – 6pm

For access to the Heritage Collections Reading Room, students can come in daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Wednesdays are extended until 9:00pm.

Library policies

Food isn’t allowed inside the Library, except in the Russell Street Welcome Zone. Bottled water is generally allowed in the main public areas. However, it is not allowed in the Heritage Collections Reading Room. This policy has been put in place to protect the library collection.

Large or cumbersome items such as backpacks, suitcases, large handbags and instrument cases cannot be brought inside the Library except for prams, strollers and bags with items for babies or young children. Self-service lockers can be found in the Russell Street Welcome Zone, where each locker is limited to one visitor.

International students may contact the Library on or 03 8664 7555 for additional information. They may also refer here for full details on the benefits of membership.