Student Life at CIC

Facilities, Resources and Equipment

CIC classrooms vary from medium to large to cater for all classes.

Computer Labs, Study Centre and Library

Computer Labs

CIC has two computer labs available to students on Levels 3 and 4.

Study Centre

Opening hours (COVID-19 restrictions are currently in force – campus opening hours differ)
● Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 5.30pm (during Term)
● Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm (during Term)

● Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm (outside of Term)


Opening hours (COVID-19 restrictions are currently in force – campus opening hours differ)
● Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 5.30pm (during Term)
● Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm (during Term)

● Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm (outside of Term)


Students may borrow up to two items for one week. Loan items can be renewed for a further one-week loan period. The Reserved Collection includes prescribed texts, can only be borrowed during library opening hours, and must be returned on the same day. Only one item from the Reserved Collection can be borrowed at the one time.

Online Resources

CIC offers its students online access to academic journals and full-text articles, e-books, video courses, etc. via Moodle.

For further information about online resources, please refer to the CIC Facilities, Resources and Equipment website page:

Private Study Room

On Level 4 there are two private study rooms students can use for group study, Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) workshops, English Support or to meet with a Lecturer for academic consultation.


Moodle is the learning management system used by CIC, and the online interface between students, staff and the curriculum. After timetabling, students are given access to the Moodle site for the units they are enrolled in. It is essential that all students participate with each of their unit Moodle sites as it contains the unit outlines, unit announcements, weekly teaching and learning resources, discussion forums, assessments and results.

Students who do not spend time keeping up to date with the resources available in Moodle for each unit they are enrolled in may miss announcements relating to assessment tasks and other critical information required to successfully complete their units.

Moodle can be accessed at:

Moodle Support can be sought at:

Student Lounge

The Student Lounge is located on Level 4 in the Student Resource Hub.


The CIC Interactive Postgraduate Help and Engagement Room (CIPHER) is a room dedicated solely to graduate students to enable and facilitate constructive learning. The space has allocated quiet times for individual study, while also having a number of scheduled activities including: a Peer Presentation  Platform (PPP) where students can practise talks and presentations, and English Club where students engage in informal discussion or a formalised debate  of a research article in focussed, small groups facilitated by an instructor, and a Trading  Club, an economics focussed weekly session where students follow commodities markets and discuss macroeconomic factors in the context of current affairs.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors assist the Student Experience Department with the Orientation program, College events and excursions, alumni events and graduation.

For further information and to register your interest in the Student Ambassador program, please email

Student Representation

The College has student representation within its deliberative and decision-making processes and encourages students to participate in these processes. There is a student member on the Academic Board and its subcommittee, the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Further information about student representation at CIC is available at:

Student Support

CIC provides a range of services to support our students.

For further information about student support, please also refer to the CIC Student Support website page:

Student Experience Department

The CIC Student Experience Department offers support to all students through different events such as cultural events, focus groups, movie nights, excursions, new student welcome events and the student ambassador program.

The Student Experience Department is located on Level 4 and can be contacted via:

Social Network & Events

The Student Experience Department organises and invites students to various events throughout the year, including graduation ceremonies. These events range from workshops, information sessions, sports activities including table tennis tournaments, walks introducing students to the city, new student welcome event, and cultural celebrations, such as Diwali and Chinese New Year.

Student Experience Department also manages CIC’s online social networking sites and encourages students to join the CIC Facebook page so keep up to date with events and networking opportunities.

Please follow us on:

Facebook: cichighereducation

Linkedin: cichighereducation

Instagram: cichighereducation


Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Team can help you with information about living in Australia, accommodation options and schooling options if you have a family. They also provide advice on how to access legal services, consumer rights, emergency and health services.

Sometimes as a student you also need a little advice or help solving problems. It may be problems with family, housing, employment, attendance issues, not feeling well or a number of other issues. A member of the Student Wellbeing Team is there when you need someone to talk to.

Talk to Level 4 reception who can guide you to the appropriate support.

Safety and Security on Campus

The facilities and services on Campus are for currently enrolled CIC students and staff only. All visitors to the Campus must register and sign-in and sign-out with the reception staff member on the ground floor.

A security guard is available to assist students and staff in the event of an incident.

CIC recognises that safety of our students and staff is of prime importance and will ensure that all necessary steps are taken to enable a correct initial response and a safe outcome to any emergency.

Keep your personal belongings secure

On and off Campus it is always important to keep your belongings with you, and not leave them unattended.

Student Identification on Campus

All CIC students will be issued with a student ID card when they enrol. Students are required to have their card on them at all times whilst on Campus. The student ID card will be made available at Orientation or Timetabling. All students will be provided with their card free of charge but if lost or damaged the replacement cost is $10. To be issued a new card, students should go to Reception on Level 4.


No Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted on the College premises as per Australian Government regulations. This includes the street entrances of the Campus building. Students who wish to smoke may do so in appropriate areas and as sanctioned by the City of Melbourne.

If an evacuation is required

The Campus is equipped with early warning emergency systems, and in the unlikely event the Campus needs to be evacuated, trained staff will assume control and direct students to exit the building.

Campus evacuation plans detailing the location of the assembly area are located on each floor next to the lifts and fire exit doors.

The primary Assembly Area after evacuating from the Campus building is to exit and move to the left and to gather in front of 275 Exhibition Street.



In the event of an emergency or evacuation, follow all instructions given by staff and Fire Wardens and as notified by the Emergency Tones.


Emergency Warning System Operation

Alert Tone ‘Beep…Beep…Beep’

Be aware there is a potential Emergency

Do not commence evacuation, unless it is unsafe in your area or as directed by Wardens.

Follow all instructions given by Wardens.

Should an Evacuation be required you will hear an

Evacuation Tone ‘Whoop…Whoop…Whoop’