Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

CIC Higher Education is committed to foster a safe and healthy environment for students and other members of the CIC community. CIC has a zero tolerance stance against sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.

Harassment of a sexual nature may occur when a person makes an unwelcome sexual advance, an unwelcome request for sexual favours, or engages in any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature in relation to another person. Sexual harassment can be physical, verbal or written.
Sexual harassment should be distinguished from situations where there is mutual attraction or private and adult friendships whether sexual or otherwise and where consent exists.

There are specific sexual harassment provisions for educational institutions in the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, Section 28F.

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

comments about a person’s private life or the way they look
sexually suggestive behaviour, such as leering or staring
brushing up against someone, touching, fondling or hugging
sexually suggestive comments or jokes
repeated unwanted requests to go out or requests for sex
sexually explicit posts on social networking sites, emails or text messages


Consent is defined as “permission for something to happen or agreement to do something”.



CASA (Centres Against Sexual Assault) have published a series of information booklets about sexual assault, including:

Counselling after sexual assault
Crisis care after sexual assault
Going to court
Having a health check after sexual assault
Making a statement to the police
Money to help you after sexual assault
Sexual assault and family violence: getting help
Sexual assault: when sex is not ok
To access these resources, visit

1800 RESPECT has an information page that includes a video explaining your rights and options after a sexual assault. It is available on their website:

The Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria has a range of information and resources, including in relation to survivors of sexual assault. Visit their website:

Internal Support

The CIC Student Welfare Team consists of three professional staff who have training in counselling and psychology, the counselling staff offer privacy and confidentiality. The Welfare office is a drop in office located on Level 3, or an appointment can be made via

External Support

In an emergency – 000

National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service (24/7) – 1800 737 732 (1800 RESPECT)

Sexual Assault Crisis Line – 1800 806 292

Your local Police Sexual Offences and Child abuse Investigation Team (SOCIT)

Your local sexual assault support, including Centre’s Against Sexual Assault (CASA)


Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy
Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Procedure
Student Support, Wellbeing and Safety Policy
Student Support, Wellbeing and Safety Procedure
Student Code of Conduct Policy
Student Code of Conduct Procedure
Critical Incident Policy
Critical Incident Procedure