Orientation Information

CIC hosts an Orientation for all new students attending the College, which is held one week prior to each course commencement.

The orientation date is indicated on your Written Agreement, however 2 weeks prior to Orientation you will be notified via e-mail when, where and what time the Orientation is to be held.

You are required to attend Orientation as you will be provided with important and vital information including;

When you attend Orientation, the Academic Services Officers or Lecturers will enrol you into your units of study for the study period and provide a timetable for the classes. During enrolment, you will be provided with a Course Planner. This planner outlines your units of study at CIC. You are advised to follow the suggested study plan to ensure that you complete your program within the duration of your study. Failure to follow the suggested study plan increases the risk of non-completion and it is your responsibility to ensure that all units are completed within the duration of your CoE.

Orientation dates are listed on each of the Course website pages under Key Facts.

If you cannot make the Orientation date, please advise the College as soon as possible to arrange an appropriate Orientation when you arrive.