Living in Melbourne

This information will help you get a feel for living in Melbourne, how to arrange accommodation, how much money you will need to support yourself (and any dependants), and where you can go to socialise and make friends. It is a requirement of the Department of Home Affairs that, from 1 July 2012, prospective overseas students will need to demonstrate that they have access to sufficient funds to cover their living costs in Australia. More information about studying in Australia is available from the Australian Government’s Study in Australia website: • Study in Australia • Living in Australia • Study Melbourne


There is a lot to consider when planning accommodation in a new country. The Australian Government’s Study in Australia website provides helpful tips about searching for accommodation.

Short Term Accommodation

After you arrive at Melbourne Airport you need to have a place to stay, even for a short time. Arranging short-term accommodation, at least for the first month, should give you enough time to settle in. Costs can vary depending on your budget. Utilities such as electricity, gas and water are usually included in most of these temporary accommodation arrangements:

Hotel standby rates –

Shared housing –

Lonely Planet –

True Local –

Airbnb –

Long-term Accommodation

Private Rentals

As an international student, you might prefer to stay at a private rental property. Consider the following when making your selection:

• find affordable and safe accommodation close to campus

• get access to a private rental database

• estimate the costs for bond, rent, utilities and maintenance

• understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Renting a home: a guide for tenants

Costs in Melbourne

It is important to know the cost of living (accommodation, food, travel, etc.), before you move to Australia. Before making any decision you need to make this as a major part of your planning so that you can live comfortably and within your budget, while you study with CIC.

For further details on the cost of living in Victoria, please click the link below:

Costs of living in Victoria