Assessments and Examinations


The types of assessment permitted at CIC may include the following:
  • Closed or open-book examinations
  • Written essays, case studies or business reports/proposals or projects
  • Oral presentations
  • Multiple choice or true/false tests, quizzes or examinations
  • Peer assessment & group based work
  • In-class tests.

    Other types of assessment may be allowed at CIC following approval by the Dean.

    Please refer to our Assessment Policy for further information.
  • Academic Integrity

    To ensure that you have the best possible education, CIC is committed to the fundamental values of academic integrity: honesty, fairness, responsibility and respect. These are the values CIC seeks to uphold amongst its staff and students. Academic integrity means being responsible in academic work. At CIC students will learn the conventions of scholarship to appropriately acknowledge and reference the work of others and effectively participate in the academic community.

    Please refer to our Student Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy and Student Academic Integrity and Misconduct Procedure for further information.

    Assessment Submission and Collection


    You can submit your assessment to your lecturer through Turnitin in Moodle (CIC’s student learning management system). Check the submission instruction in your unit outline. If you are unsure, please see your lecturer for further instructions. The lecturer marking your assessment is able to see your final original report. Turnitin doesn’t make judgements on whether you have plagiarised but helps assessors determine the originality of your work.

    Assessments submitted to Turnitin are compared against:
  • The internet
  • Papers submitted to Turnitin by other students
  • Online journal databases

    You can use Turnitin as a learning tool. Your lecturers should allow you to submit a draft into Turnitin so that you receive a similarity score and the sources you might have used, or overly relied on. This will enable you to adjust your assessment before the final submission. Your lecturers will only mark your final submission.

    You can 'collect' your assignments through Turnitin after the results are made available. All assignments are available for collection before the commencement of the final examination period. If your lecturer has given you an alternative method to submit your assessment, they will inform you on where the assessment can be collected.
  • Examinations

    Final examinations are held at the end of every term.  The exams are scheduled during the exam period and you are required to be available during the entire examination period. The final examination timetable will be available at least seven days before the first day of examination. You will be allocated a seat for each unit of enrolment. Examinations can take place on site or at any other location deemed suitable by the College. Please refer to the Examinations Policy and Examinations Procedure for further information.

    Supplementary Assessments

    Supplementary assessments are held during the study break in the term following the current final examination period. Students cannot apply for a supplementary assessment; they are awarded it on the basis of the final mark for the unit if they satisfy all of the criteria. Please refer to the Assessment Policy for details of the criteria.

    Special Consideration

    Your studies may be affected by an illness or serious circumstance beyond your control that prevents or affects your preparation or performance in an assessment. Application for special consideration for the final examinations must be made within the required time frame allowed. Please refer to the Special Consideration Policy and Procedure for further information.

    Exam Timetable

    The exam timetable will be made available close to the dates of the examinations.

    Final Results

    The final results for your units of enrolment are available via Moodle, if your results are not displayed, this may be due to outstanding debt. Please speak with the College staff for assistance.

    Unit Result Dates

    Summer Term: Wednesday 10th March
    Term 1: Tuesday 26th May
    Term 2: Tuesday 4th August
    Term 3: Tuesday 20th October
    Term 4: TBC 2021


    You may be permitted to study more than two units per term with approval required by the Dean. Approval may be granted if you:
  • are in your final term
  • are repeating a failed unit
  • have a good academic record.

    The Academic Services Manager will advise you on your eligibility.
  • Cross Institution Enrolment

    If you are currently enrolled at CIC and wish to study a unit at another institution, an application can be made for this purpose. However, such an application is usually granted if the unit of study is unavailable at CIC and will remain unavailable for the duration of your study at CIC. You are responsible for ensuring that the unit from another institution is consistent with the unit at CIC (and this includes the accreditation requirements for accounting units). After approval is granted to study cross-institutionally, you will make the necessary arrangements to enrol at the other institution including payment of fees. Upon the completion of your studies at the other institution, you will need to present an official transcript to allow the unit to be credited as an exemption to your qualification at CIC. Please refer to the Cross Institutional Enrolment Policy and Cross Institutional Enrolment Procedure for more information.