Advanced Standing

CIC has an Advanced Standing Policy and Advanced Standing Procedure which ensures that the decision to award credits into or towards a course at CIC is based on clearly defined and transparent guidelines that ensure all students are treated equitably and through a process that is academically defensible. The College will endeavour to award credit for prior studies wherever possible to support successful academic progression through a course, students are directed to the Advanced Standing Policy and Procedure for further details. Please Note: Students should be aware that the responsibility of accepting any advanced standing rests with the student and not CIC. Students must also understand that the offer of advanced standing is an independent process to the process of professional accreditation (where applicable). If a student accepts the advanced standing offered by the College, it will be the student's responsibility to demonstrate the acquisition of knowledge required by any external accrediting bodies. CIC will not be held responsible for any denied accreditation assessment under circumstances where advanced standing has been accepted by a student.

Application for Advanced Standing

All students wishing to apply for advanced standing can do so either prior to their commencement at the College, or during their course of study. Advanced standing applications will not be considered retrospectively, so students should ensure they apply well in advance of choosing units of study.

Applications for advanced standing must be made on a current Advanced Standing Application form available from the College and CIC website. Incomplete applications may result in delays to processing with a new application being required.

Supporting documentation

All applications for advanced standing must be supported by relevant supporting documentation.  Any missing documentation may result in delays to the processing of the application. Sufficient documentation must be provided to allow CIC staff to make a well informed decision regarding which units (if any) are to be offered as advanced standing.

Outcomes of applications for advanced standing

A decision will be made solely based on the documentation provided with the application. Each application for advanced standing will be made once only and the final decision will be at the discretion of the assessing academics.

For further details regarding the process of applying for advanced standing please consult the College or one of its representatives.

Note: If your application for advanced standing is successful, it will reduce the length of your visa duration. If this occurs before your visa is granted, CIC will indicate the actual course duration in the confirmation of enrolment issued for that course. If the credit is granted after your confirmation of enrolment has been issued, the change in course duration is reported via PRISMS under section 19 of the ESOS Act.