Attendance and Academic Progress

You are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout your studies. The Faculty will review your academic progress at the end of each study period in accordance with the Attendance and Academic Progress Policy. Failure to achieve satisfactory academic progress will require an intervention strategy to be established and implemented in accordance with the Attendance and Academic Progress Procedure.

Support Available

To keep on track with your studies, you can seek help from our support services and:


Attendance at both lectures and tutorials is considered necessary at CIC unless you can demonstrate that you are already completing your units successfully. Attending classes is often linked to successful learning outcomes and regular attendance at classes is encouraged and expected. In particular, students need to be aware of all due dates for assessment tasks and mindful that some assessment tasks, such as tests and exams, take place during class time. These due dates are also available in the Moodle sites for the units you are enrolled in.

Academic Progress

It is important and expected that students make satisfactory progress in their course of study. Satisfactory progress at CIC is defined as successfully completing at least 50 per cent of the study load in any given period.

Students who do not pass at least 50 per cent of the units undertaken in any given study period will be informed of their lack of academic progress in accordance with the Attendance and Academic Progress Policy. An intervention strategy will be required for students identified at risk of not completing their studies within the expected duration or have not met the requirements for satisfactory course progress.

The Academic Progress Intervention Plan for students failing to meet the minimum progression standard will be followed in accordance with the stages as described in the Attendance and Academic Progress Procedures.

Students in their first Term of study please note:

In your first period of study you are required to attend at least 75% of your classes. Please refer to the Attendance and Academic Progress Policy for the ‘At Risk’ indicators.

Fact sheets from the Overseas Students Ombudsman on Course Progress and Attendance: