Stress-relieving activities cap the summer

The Student Lounge became an instant movie theatre as students watched Aladdin.

Amid news of bushfires and COVID-19 outbreaks over the summer, CIC Higher Education made sure students were able to de-stress in the safety of the campus through various co-curricular activities, such as watching a movie or comedy shows. The College made students feel that they are a part of one campus community that truly cares about its members.

CIC continues to breathe life into the institution’s philosophy of helping students belong to the campus community, thrive in their studies and achieve their study goals.  The co-curricular activities on campus are just some of the ways of engaging students and teaching skills that will come in handy in their personal and professional life.

Students capped Summer 2020 with the following activities organised by the Student Experience  team:

Sit Back and Relax

Disney Pictures’ 2019 musical fantasy movie Aladdin thrilled and entertained students on 10 February at the Level 5 Student Lounge. The lunchtime movie gave everyone an opportunity to take time out of their summer classes and enjoy the break over popcorn and pizza.

Speed Friending

The hour-long event held last 11 February provided an opportunity to connect with fellow students. The mechanics of this popular activity are pretty straightforward.

Students were asked by the moderator to sit opposite each other. Then they were given four minutes to complete the entire process of introducing themselves and engaging in fun conversation. On the table were cards with different topics to guide them with conversation openers and helpful hints on how to enhance the interaction.

They discoverted new things about their schoolmates and enjoyed the easy camaraderie of new friends. It was also a good way of honing their English speaking skills. And more importantly, they learned techniques in holding a conversation and improving their interpersonal abilities – skills that are important in the workplace. It was a fun activity and everyone couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards.

Say goodbye to stress

On 17 February, students learned some useful tips and strategies on how to reduce stress and stay motivated and healthy. Sam Sembhi, Student Experience Officer, reminded students to identify the warning signs of stress, establish routines and spend time with people who care.

This activity was especially helpful in managing stress associated with examination week. Students discovered new ways to stay focused as they prepare for exams.

Just for laughs

This event on 18 February has the same objective as the sit back and relax theme but focused mainly on comedy videos such as Just for Laughs and Mr Bean. It was a great way for students to relax and have a good laugh in the company of friends.

Key takeaway

CIC believes that students need a healthy dose of relaxation and entertainment in order to succeed in their studies. Students are happier and more engaged in their studies because they feel lighter after each activity. They are able to focus on their exams.

“If you are able to teach people to be more playful, to look at the absurdities of life as humorous, you see some increase in wellbeing,” says Andrea Samson from Stanford, in a paper published on Cognitive and Emotion. Samson and psychology Professor James Gross conducted an emotion-regulation study and the findings support that positive humour forces a change in perspective.

Similar to the above assumptions, CIC is doing everything it can to keep students safe, protected and happy.