More than just a facelift – CIC is shaping to be a more vibrant and modern campus

In keeping with CIC Higher Education’s new brand personality, the campus has recently undergone a facelift using its vibrant brand colours splashed beautifully around the campus.

CIC General Manager Francesca Macpherson reveals that students can expect to see more exciting changes in the days ahead. “We are giving the Campus a facelift based around the new brand – making the student spaces more vibrant and fun that the students will instantly recognise as their very own – and I would love to see this extended throughout the campus.” She adds that students can also expect to see more student experience photographs, new student space furniture and a complete IT hardware replacement.

Mrs Macpherson emphasises that the facelift will not affect the normal campus operations. “Everything will run as usual; however, I hope that the new spaces will make both staff and students feel proud of their Campus. For many of us, this is a home away from home… a fun, relevant, warm and welcoming campus!”

Changes have started taking shape. Level 4 is the first area to be dazzled with the new brand personality – the foyer and reception area have wall decals reflecting the same vibrancy, photographs of CIC graduates are on display and new furniture has been installed for everyone to enjoy. The library has been rearranged to fit in new desks for private study. Just outside the library entrance, two small private ‘nooks’ have been built for student and lecturer consultation. At Level 5, a new Student Experience Office has been added and the foyer is sporting a new clean look. “The student lounge has started its facelift; however, there is more to come – perhaps a small café,” she reveals.Mrs Macpherson encourages everyone to take advantage of the new additions. “Students are welcome to use all the spaces on Level 4, including the private rooms which offer English support and Peer Assisted Learning.”

In addition to the splashes of colour in the main areas such as the foyer and reception, student lounge, library and student experience centre, CIC also launched early this year its House System where students and staff join the four houses representing Australia’s iconic animals – House Wombat, House Koala, House Platypus and House Kangaroo – to encourage friendly competition and mateship on campus as well as help students belong, thrive and achieve in their study and career goals.

And the students are loving it! The campus is now more alive than ever, especially with student engagement activities that directly prepare them to be socially, emotionally and even intellectually ready – all while having fun in the process. As they engage in friendly competitions to earn points for their House, they also get awards and virtual badges which they can add to their CV and LinkedIn profiles.

With all the excitement going on around them, the CIC campus community can truly feel and live the CIC raison d’etre –  Belong. Thrive. Achieve!