Graduating student Sonet Costa looks forward to a career in accounting and finance

Sonet Richard D Costa, an international student from Bangladesh, is about to graduate from his Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree. He arrived in Australia three years ago and started school in October 2016. He is now looking forward to working fulltime in a relevant career after getting a graduate visa.

In preparation, he attended the CV Clinic facilitated by Student Services and Welfare Manager Coby Liew at the CIC campus. Sonet mentioned that he learned a lot from the event but the most interesting ones to him are his new insight on what makes employers tick, how to use psychology to understand what they’re looking for in a candidate and how to highlight his skills to be the best fit for the organisation or company.

My journey as a student has lots of ups and downs. I always enjoy studying but there were times when I find it difficult to concentrate. We live away from our families so we feel very lonely,” Sonet opens up. “But I know that I had to be strong to overcome the difficulties. Focusing on my studies will get me closer to my career goal,” he adds.

Sonet reveals that he never thought he would end up in Australia. But he was certain he wanted to pursue a career in the field of business, accounting and finance. After completing a diploma program in Business Management in the United Kingdom, Sonet went back to his home country to work but he’s always wanted to finish an internationally-recognised bachelor’s degree too. Soon enough, one of his friends in Melbourne encouraged him to enrol at CIC Higher Education.

Balancing school activities with work and hobbies

Sonet with fellow students 

Although busy with his studies and part-time work at Chadstone Shopping Centre, Sonet makes time for school activities. He has adjusted well to the Australian culture and eductional system. He has in fact been actively involved in campus events and now allots time to go out with Australian friends.

“As one of the many foreign students here, it is hard for us to get a good job or a scholarship opportunity because we do not know how everything works or what we are doing wrong. It is also difficult asking for help as we are not sure who to tun to about our problems and limitations,” he confides.

Sonet is passionate about travelling and visiting new places, meeting new people and reading books. “My belief is that visiting different places and reading books always help me learn new things,” he shares, ‘I also watch movies and documentaries in my leisure time”. He considers these activities his stress relievers.In spite of the challenges, Sonet has has a lot to be thankful for. “I am graduating very soon. I’m so happy about it. I had an amazing experience at CIC. It’s a friendly environment and I got lots of help in my studies from lecturers and support from the student services department. After studying here for three years, I have seen lots of improvement both in academics and student support. More importantly, I know that CIC is an institution that cares for me – for every student. The people here have become a family to me.”