Enrolment for summer term now open

Enrolment for the summer term is now open to continuing students of CIC Higher Education and there’s good news  as well! According to General Manager Francesca Macpherson, students will only need to pay $1,500 per unit. Classes start 13 January 2020.

“Summer classes give our students the opportunity to complete their units and stay on track especially for those who are working the maximum allowable 20 hours a week during the regular school term,” says Dr Damian Spencer, Dean of the College. “It is also a chance for our students to get ahead in their degree program or retake units for those who have not completed their requirements or failed their class. With the summer classes, they will still be on track in their studies,” he adds.

Among the 14 units offered for this term are the following:

                BBAC101                                           Accounting Principles

               BBMK605                                         Advertising

               BBAC601                                           Auditing and Assurance

               BBMK504                                         Brand Management

               BBAL201                                           Business Law

               BBAL401                                           Company Law

               BBMK402                                         Consumer Behaviour

               BBAC202                                          Economic Principles

               BBMM605                                        Entrepreneurship

               BBAC301                                           Financial Accounting Practice

               BBAC502                                          Financial Accounting Theory

               BBMM302                                        Human Resource Management

               BBMM103                                         Management Principles

               BBMK201                                          Marketing Principles

Key takeaway

In a nutshell, students can benefit from their summer class as they enjoy the advantage of small class sizes and feel more relaxed with a quieter campus. They also get to interact more with their lecturers without having to compete for their time and have more access to library facilities and services. More importantly, they can complete their program within a reasonable period of time.