Congratulations to our Term 3 awardees

It was time, once again, to reward the hard work of CIC students during the term with a recognition ceremony. Through the Senior Advisor: Academic Engagement and Success, CIC Higher Education hosted its second online Student Recognition Event on 12 November 2020 for outstanding students in Term 3. 

Over 100 awardees were recognised in the ceremony, consisting of Management, Marketing and Accounting students and ranging from those in their first year of studies to those in their final year. They were awarded for achieving both a mark of 70% or over and an attendance record of 90% in the units they studied in Term 3. The Dean of CIC Higher Education, Dr Damian Spencer, led the ceremony and expressed his admiration for the students, encouraging them to keep doing their best and to keep finding opportunities to grow.

These sentiments were echoed by special guest speaker Mr Michael Robson, the Director of Robson Advisory and an external member of the CIC Course Advisory Committee. After giving an insightful talk about entrepreneurship and the accounting profession, Mr Robson stressed the importance of understanding the sector when looking for work, building a useful set of skills, soft knowledge, interpersonal skills and communication. He encouraged students to take advantage of every opportunity that came their way.

Students received his remarks with enthusiasm. The Q&A session that followed the talk took longer than 15 minutes, more than the allotted time, but Mr Robson obliged graciously. Students were keen to interact and seek advice on how to pursue their careers. The session ended on a high note as students learned new insights on preparing for their future career.

CIC Higher Education looks forward to the success of its students after their studies. In the meantime, CIC will keep supporting them and recognising their achievements in 2021 and beyond.