CIC announces Real Estate unit for Term 4

CIC Higher Education Dean, Dr Damian Spencer, has announced that a new academic unit will be introduced to the College effective this Term 4.

The new unit – Introduction to Property and Real Estate (BBAC304) – is an elective that is open to any student who has completed Economic Principles and either Finance Fundamentals or Accounting Principles. Cross-institutional students can pick up the unit with equivalent pre-requisites.

According to Dr Spencer, the new unit will broaden the scope of offerings in the areas that students may be interested in. “The Introduction to Property and Real Estate will introduce property and real estate concepts from the perspective of economics, finance, valuation and development.”

Property and Real Estate are hot topics in Australia, and currently there is a skills shortage in the areas of Valuation and Land Economics. Not only will students benefit with a greater personal understanding of the field, but will be able to use the skills and knowledge gained to improve their decision making.

Through this new Unit, students will be equipped with knowledge and practical concepts concerning property and the economy as well as an overview of the property market. Student skills will be focused on applying time value to property, valuation methods, appraisal of property investments and property development.

Dr Spencer adds that CIC may look to introduce further units in Property if this initial unit proves to be popular.

International students and education agents may refer to the CIC Courses for details on programs and fees, IELTS and other requirements for CIC Higher Education.