Career choices for graduates of an internationally-recognised Marketing degree

Graduates of an internationally-recognised bachelor’s degree in marketing at CIC Higher Education can put to good use the learnings, skills and contacts that they’ve acquired within and outside the campus. The institution’s mandate is to help students belong, thrive and achieve.

CIC’s Bachelor of Business (Marketing) – under CRICOS course code 072491B – prepares them for a career in the marketing sector because it meets the Australian Qualifications Framework specifications for a Level 7 bachelor’s degree.

“Showing initiative, organisation and time management skills at the early stage of their studies is an advantage particularly in their future career,” says Dr Peter Cartwright, CEO of CIC Higher Education. “Students of Marketing can establish their reputation for leadership, dependability and creativity in communicating effectively and in finding workable solutions to address marketing concerns especially with regard to consumer behavior, brand strategy and execution, integrated marketing communications and performance metrics,” he adds.

The Bachelor of Business (Marketing) aims to produce graduates who have a thorough knowledge of business and marketing. In the first year, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of current business trends and practices. In the second and third year, students will develop their knowledge base to include vital marketing practices applicable to Australian and international contexts.

Students will study marketing theories and models, learn how to analyse marketing opportunities, and how to develop a strategic marketing plan that will lead to meeting the overall business objectives of the organisation.

Upon graduation, graduates will have gained the skills and knowledge to identify marketing opportunities, generate new ideas, undertake market research and analysis, and confidently apply their knowledge and skills in marketing positions within domestic or internationally-focused businesses.

Marketing-related careers

Graduates of a Marketing degree at CIC have the potential to develop careers in the following fields:

  • Business Communications Consultancy/Management – guiding small and mid-sized businesses on new approaches to generate sales or patronage for services
  • Event Management – coordinating activities related to a company or public event such as conferences, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, charity events, surprise parties, trade shows, sales meetings, business meetings and employee appreciation events, among others
  • Product Management – developing marketing strategies for new products through market research and determining product requirements, production timetables, pricing and time-integrated plans for product introduction
  • UX (User Experience) Designing – gathering and evaluating user requirements, in collaboration with product managers and engineers, by illustrating design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps
  • Web Content Management – overseeing website content, monitoring traffic, responding to feedback and generally ensuring that the website is user-friendly and responsive to customers or target market

More job options for Marketing graduates

Jobs directly connected to the Marketing degree include the following:

  • Advertising Account Executive – acts as a link between the advertising agency and client company or business.
  • Advertising Account Planner – identifies the target audience, creates the communication strategy for marketing campaigns and sets the tone and content strategy
  • Advertising Art Director – conceptualises creative ideas for the visual elements of an advertising or marketing campaign
  • Digital Marketing Executive – plans, develops, implements the overall marketing strategy on the web, social media, mobile and other digital platforms.
  • Market Researcher – conducts surveys, collects data and analyses findings for institutions such as government agencies, businesses or charitable organisations
  • Media Buyer – negotiates, purchases and monitors advertising space and airtime on behalf of clients with the goal of reaching the highest percentage of the target market
  • Media Planner – ensures that a company’s media policy is performing in both advertising and marketing aspects
  • Public Relations Account Executive – performs various communication functions like writing, pitching press releases to the media and social media campaigns for the client/employer
  • Public Relations Officer – plans publicity strategies and campaigns, writes press releases and handles presentations and plan events
  • Sales Promotion Account Executive – responsible for creating and running promotional marketing campaigns to increase the sales or the use of a product or service as well as enticing customers with a range of strategies, including competitions, samples, coupons, promotions and point-of-sale displays
  • Social Media Manager – develops regular content topics, manages social media marketing campaigns and monitors possible leads and sales

Prospective students and education agents may check out the CIC Courses for details on CIC Higher Education’s intake schedules, IELTS and other requirements.