Building life skills: A priority at CIC Higher Education

With its focus on providing an education which prepares students for their professional careers, CIC Higher Education also helps them build on their life skills and is making it a top priority.

At the College, students are encouraged to think critically and creatively, put in the hard work and stay focused in their studies. They are also urged to take advantage of the numerous opportunities for building their connections so that they can prepare well for the workplace.

Enhancing skills for the job market

Students recently participated in the Careers Workshop where they were guided on how to prepare resumes that highlight their skills and also how to master job interviews. They have also been given pointers on how to build up their skills to better equip them for the competitive job market.

Students are also made aware of their work rights subject to the standards of the Fair Work Ombudsman. Under Australian law, international students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week to help defray the cost of their living expenses.

CIC-HED Campus Manager Francesca Macpherson says that this is “our commitment to the students to help them stand out from the rest.” She adds, “Not only do our students develop the skills and attributes necessary to excel in their career, but they are also supported in every aspect of their study and living experience in Australia.”

Networking opportunities

At the end of the first term this year, students were given the opportunity to meet with key executives of CIC Higher Education at the Marriott Hotel in Melbourne. They also got to listen to industry experts as they shared their insights and pointers on how new graduates could make the most of their education.


According to Mrs Macpherson, the College ensures that there are lots of stimulating activities that can help students build a strong professional network not only from their College and work contacts but also from industry contacts. They are also able to use the advice they have received specifically in tailoring their resume to highlight skills that fit the job requirements and researching on the company that they’re applying to.

Availability of facilities, equipment and other resources

Mrs Macpherson further notes that CIC Higher Education equips students and provides them with advice about transitioning into life in Australia, among them: health insurance, accommodation, cost of living and getting part-time employment while pursuing their studies.

“We provide support services to ensure that students not only achieve their academic goals but remain healthy and happy during their time on campus,” she added.

Some of the services available at the college include:

  1. Comprehensive orientation
  2. Social activities
  3. Career assist support service
  4. Counselling
  5. English language support
  6. Academic support
  7. Financial aid and support services

Students may also find the following facilities in their respective floor levels:





Student Welfare Team (Counsellors)


Finance/Higher Education Admin

First Aid Room


PAL/Study Room


Student Computer Labs

Study Centre


Career Assist


Student Lounge

Student Services




Prayer Room

All Levels

Access to Student Online Learning Management System (Moodle)

Free Wifi