Bringing your “A’ game while learning at home

The one silver lining of the current COVID-19 related lockdown is that you do not have to take public transport to CIC to attend your classes, effectively cutting on travel time and costs. But are you confident and motivated enough to work through your units without the usual face to face support and interaction from your lecturers and classmates? 

We think you are! However just to be sure, follow these five simple steps and you’ll be on your way to achieving study goals in no time. 

  • Set a good study environment

Find a quiet, distraction-free study space in the house. A space with good lighting and comfortable seating and a quiet area away from both physical and digital distractions is a good starting point. Keep the TV off, log off from your social media account or just keep away from your mobile phone while learning. 

  • A healthy mind and body are ready for learning

One benefit of attending your classes online is the flexible schedule, but establishing a healthy routine is still important. Start your day as you usually would. A thirty-minute, moderate-intensity exercise a few days a week would do your body good and eating breakfast before hitting the books is also a good way to help you stay focused while studying. 

  • Learn socially

Learning online does not mean socially distancing yourself from your lectures and classmates so do not for a moment think that you are alone! While attending your lectures, you can always ask questions and reach out to your classmates through discussion forums. Our lecturers are always available if you need help and our student ambassadors are always happy to set aside time to help you so go ahead and speak to them. 

  • Strategies to help your learning stick

For some of us, learning online is something new, and while we are all used to seeing each other in a classroom environment, transitioning to online classes doesn’t need to be difficult. If you are attending live webinars that will be made available as a recording after, avoid taking notes and pay attention to the lecture and participate in the discussion. Raise your virtual hand if you need to ask a question or use the chat option. If you are attending a recorded session, take advantage of being able to hit the pause button to take notes. 

  • Lastly, hold yourself accountable

Set yourself a goal at the start of the term and break this into smaller, weekly or monthly milestones. Make sure you submit your assignments on time by setting reminders before the due date. Check if you are on track and seek help from lecturers, classmates and friends if you are not. By being self-aware and organised, you can work through your units more comfortably. By being proactive, you can anticipate and address obstacles as they arise.