Australian institutions perform best in graduate employability!

The 2020 QS Graduate Employability survey released this month highlights the efforts of Australian higher education institutions in preparing students to be job ready.

The survey considered 758 universities all over the world and collected data from 44,000 employers and 29,000 graduates. This year’s Top 500 represents 73 countries and are evaluated based on academic reputation, graduate employability, student-staff ratio, research performance and internationalisation.

In QS’ 2020 World University Rankings, only eight Australian universities made it to the top 100. However, when it came to graduate employability, two of the universities made it to the top 10. Australian institutions perform best in the employer reputation, alumni outcome and employer partnership indicators.

QS uses five indicators in determining student outcomes: (1) Employer Reputation, (2) Alumni Outcomes, (3) Employer Partnerships, (3) Partnerships with Employers, (4) Employer-Student Connections and (5) Graduate Employment Rate.

How survey results impact CIC students

According to QS’ Research Director Ben Sowter, the Australian higher education system “places a great emphasis on students’ career outcomes and such focus is reflected in this ranking.” 

 The results of the global survey validates Australia’s strategic direction which places an emphasis on diversity, employability, environment, quality, student experience and a visionary approach in as far as its international students are concerned.

CIC Higher Education, for its part, has just conducted a CV Clinic using psychology as a tool in acing interviews and preparing resumes that capture the recruiter’s attention in seconds. They are being equipped with a better understanding of what employers are looking for and how their skills best fit their industry.

CIC as also been organising events that improve the well-being of students and get them engaged in their community by volunteering in leadership committees, sports and other campus events.

Students are also encouraged to participate in job fairs and alumni events in to help them gain confidence and expand their networks for a potential job opportunity once they graduate from their degree program.

“We understand that our students are concerned about their future careers and their need to compete in the global job market,” says CIC General Manager Francesca Macpherson. “Graduate employability has been in the forefront of our efforts to get the students active and engaged in their academic studies and co-curricular activities. We want to equip them to be ready for the world of work.”