Tuition Protection Service

In the unlikely event that the CIC Higher Education (CIC) is unable to deliver the course in full, the student will be offered a refund of all the course money they have paid to date. The refunds will be paid to the student within 2 weeks of the day on which the course ceased being provided. Alternatively, they may be offered enrolment in an alternative course by the College at no extra cost to the student. The student has the right to choose whether they would prefer a full refund of course fees, or to accept a place in another course. If a student chooses placement in another course, CIC will ask him/her to sign a document to indicate that s/he accept the placement. If CIC is unable to provide a refund or place the student in an alternative course, our Tuition Protection Service (TPS) will place you in a suitable alternative course at no extra cost to you. Finally, if TPS cannot place the student in a suitable alternative course, the ESOS Assurance Fund Manager will attempt to place him/her in a suitable alternative course or, if this is not possible, s/he will be eligible for a refund as calculated by the Fund Manager.

More information regarding TPS can be found HERE.