Facilities, Resources and Equipment

Our Higher Education courses are offered exclusively at our Melbourne campus. Facilities, Resources and Equipment include:

CIC classrooms vary from large lecture rooms to smaller tutorial rooms; along with computer laboratories and other learning support facilities it is ideal for students wanting to get the most out of their study experience.

CIC have computer labs and printing facilities on Levels 3 and 4. The computer lab on Level 4 is part of the Student Resources Hub and is available during official opening hours to students. The other labs are available to students when classes aren’t scheduled.

On Level 4 there is also a private study room; students are welcome to use this space for group study, PAL workshops or to meet with a student representative.

The CIC Student Lounge is located on Level 4 and is open during official opening hours. The CIC student lounge is a space where students can gather for social interaction, lunch, CIC events and celebrations.

The student Hub provides resources in counselling, pastoral care, advocacy support, adjustment to life in Melbourne and career assistance support.


The CIC Library is located on Level 4 during official opening hours.

Students can borrow books, use the photocopier and undertake personal study.

Online Resources

CIC offers its students online access to academic journals and full-text articles, e-books, video courses etc.

The following online resources are available to students via Moodle: