60 new graduates conferred bachelor’s degrees in Business

CIC Higher Education GM Francesca Macpherson (left) with the Academic Board during the graduation rites.

CIC Higher Education celebrated another milestone after conferring business degrees with concentrations in Accounting, Management and Marketing to 60 graduates during the 2019 Graduation Ceremony held on Tuesday, 26 November.

In welcoming the CIC campus community to the commencement ceremonies, CIC General Manager Francesca Macpherson beams with pride as she highlighted the graduates’ academic journey, “What these students have achieved is incredible. Studying away from home in a second language is commendable. We are very proud of our students, and wish them all the best; we can’t wait to hear all the wonderful things they will achieve in the future.”

Professor Emeritus Alan Lindsay AO, chairman of the Board of Directors, conferred the degrees after Dr Damian Spencer, CIC Higher Education Dean, presented the graduates. Dr Paul Collier, a Certified Practising Accountant and member of the CIC Teaching and Learning Committee and Academic Board, was the keynote speaker.

Among this year’s graduates is Management major Yennie Le,  whose story, ‘Passion never fails,’ was featured on our website in July 2018.

Dr Collier encouraged the graduates to never give up on finding their dream job. “The path may not be in front of you yet but don’t give up searching for the right path to get you there.  Work with honesty and integrity. Be true to yourself, be mindful of others and be open to hard work.” He qualifies, “Comments like ‘that isn’t my job’ will hinder your growth. Be open and look for an opportunity to be able to make a difference… It’s okay if in your first role you are doing staff coffee runs; we have all done it and it won’t be forever.”

Student Ambassador and also a 2019 graduate Sonet Costa, in his commencement speech on behalf of the graduating class, thanked the administrators, staff and lecturers as well as family and friends for all their support. He recalls, “Three years ago, each one of us made the firm decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree course here. I bet in the middle of it we may have wanted to give up, pack our books and bags and go home. Maybe some have done that. Honestly, that would have been an easier choice, but we stuck through it all.” He challenges his fellow graduates to keep moving forward. “I do not promise you that this journey will be easy. But it is up to each one of us to follow our dreams. If we can all do that, we would have created a better world for all of humanity to enjoy.”

The full list of this year’s graduates follows.

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)


ABBASI, Waleed Naseer

ALI, Muhammad Asfand


ANWAR, Imran

BABAR, Saqib

BAI, Yang


BANIYA, Sharifa

BUI, Thi Ngoc Tram


COSTA, Sonet Richard D

DAHAL, Atish

HAIDER, Syed Adnan

HERNANDEZ, Janna Marie


KARUNARATHNA, Sandeep Dilshara

KAUR, Amandeep

KAUR, Harmandeep

KAUR, Rubnaz

KAUR, Simranjeet

KHAN, Muhammad Shuja

KHALID, Rao Usman

KIANI, Usman Ahmed

KRISHNA, Brij Bhushan

LADDUGE, Udesh Priyamantha

LE, Hoang Thu Thao

LE, Tuong Linh

LU, Shuhao



NGUYEN, Thi Phuong Anh

NGUYEN, Thi Thuy Tien

PHAN, Thi Mai Loan

PHAN, Thu Xuan

PUTRA, I Wayan Adi Kesuma


SINGH, Komalpreet

TIRMIZI, Syed Haris Ahmed

TRAN, Thao Vu Phuong

VANTWEST, Chrisal Anicitus

VERMA, Megha

VU, Thi Minh Ngoc

Y, Ly Binh


Bachelor of Business (Management)



KOECH, Moses Kipsang

LE, Tran Hai Yen

NGUYEN, Thi Thao

SINGH, Gursewak

SINGH, Judgebir

SINGH, Navraj

SINGH, Sukhwinder

TRAN, Quoc Huy

TRUONG, Tri Tien

WANG, Haowei

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

LAM, Gia Minh

NGUYEN, Le Phuong Thao

REXVI, Ijaz Mohamed

(Photo credits: Coby Liew)